About B2BTradeCard

B2BTradeCard is the best way on the web to win new customers and new business – and then reward them using B2BTradeCardpoints which can be spent anywhere displaying the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark. We have three core offerings: Directory, Trading Club & Rewards:


Our directory of members makes sure you’re in front of business buyers – and you stand out. Click for more info on how being a B2BTradeCard directory member will help you!

Trading Club

Take advantage of the great members-only deals available on our Trading Club and save your business money; or make great offers for other members and make your business money!


Collect & Award B2BTradeCardpoints – redeemable with our TradingClub or anywhere with the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark. Create your own reward scheme!


Get rewarded with B2Bpoints back when you spend with leading high-street and online retailers – making your B2Bpoints go even further.

For Your Business


Targeted Advertising

You know your listing is in front of the right people.


Save Money

Take advantage of fantastic exclusive offers from other members.


Sell Your Products & Services

Sell your products & services directly to other members on The Trading Club

For Your Customers


Reward Scheme

Operate your own reward scheme with B2BTradeCardpoints.


Create Loyalty

Put yourself ahead of competitors with purchasers.


Redeemable Anywhere

B2BTradeCardpoints are redeemable anywhere with the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

Starting Benefitting from B2BTrade Card