For You


Collect Points

Collect B2BTradeCardpoints when you trade with other members.


Recommend A Friend

If you recommend B2BTradeCard to your friends then we’ll reward you with B2Bpoints.


Transfer Points

Transfer B2BTradeCardpoints to your B2BTradeCard MasterCard®.


Spend Points

Spend your B2BTradeCardpoints wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark

For Your Business

Your Own Reward Scheme

Create Your Own Reward & Loyalty Scheme – no longer the preserve of the big retailers.

Drive Loyalty

Encourage customers to come back to you by rewarding B2BTradeCardpoints which they can spend anywhere displaying the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

Create Own Scheme

Create your own reward points, rules and incentives – don’t be tied to the £1 = 1 point rules of other schemes.

Increase Spend

Use B2BTradeCardpoints to incentivise existing customers to spend more or buy more profitable products from you.


Improve Cashflow

Reward B2BTradeCardpoints to customers for early or prompt payment, improving your cash flow and retaining good customers.

For more information on how B2BTradeCard can help your business email us at, or call us on 0330 223 1504.