Trading Club

Making good deals a great deal easier.

B2BTradeCard’s trading club is the place for members to market their products and services to offer members of B2BTradeCard. You can add your latest offers and take advantage of exclusive member-only offers from other B2BTradeCard members… and combining B2BTradeCard rewards too, you can get points back while your business saves money.

Exclusive Offers

Browse the Trading Club for exclusive offers on everything from paper to planes.

Save Money

Offers available in the Trading Club represent significant savings over normal selling prices for members – take advantage and save money for your business.

Earn & Use Reward Points

You can collect B2BTradeCardpoints when trading with other members – which can be later redeemed on your B2BTradeCard card anywhere you see the MasterCard® logo.

As well as saving your business money by taking advantage of exclusive offers in The Trading Club, you can also use it to make money for your business by offering your products and services to other members.



Trading Club adverts are only visible to other members – so you can make exclusive offers available without affecting other channels; protecting your margin and markets.


You can target your Trading Club offering to business of specific types to improve uptake and ensure your advertising is as effective as possible.

Featured Offers

Your Trading Club offering can be featured in our email newsletter to B2B members – when combined with targeting you can ensure your offer is in front of the right people to help you generate great sales.

For more information on how B2BTradeCard can help your business email us at, or call us on 0330 223 1504.